What’s the difference between the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc and the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation?

The Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc was created to disperse the proceeds from the GoFundMe campaign which collected online donations from April 6 – April 18, 2018. Those funds will be distributed as intended  to the 29 families impacted by this tragedy, and will be fully dissolved after funds have been distributed.

The Humboldt Strong Community Foundation (HSCF) was created to manage ongoing donations received after April 18th 2018 and will operate indefinitely. More information on the HSCF will be provided as soon as it is available.

Can I donate to the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc?

We greatly appreciate your support! The GoFundMe page has been closed, and the HBMFI will not be accepting donations, however you are welcome to make a donation to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation. Currently we are unable to accept donations online, however you can make cheques payable to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation and mail them to:

Humboldt Strong Community Foundation
600, 105 – 21st Street East
Saskatoon, SK 
S7K 0B3

Please note that only fundraisers, benefits or initiatives directing proceeds to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation will be considered as endorsed, sanctioned by or held in conjunction with the Humboldt Broncos organization. The Broncos cannot, and will not, be able to verify the legitimacy of any other event or the disbursal of funds raised by other such events.

What is the Government of Saskatchewan’s “Informal Public Appeals Act”?

In 2015, the Government of Saskatchewan enacted law regarding crowdfunding donations known as The Informal Public Appeals Act. This legislation provides guidance and rules around funds raised through public appeals, such as a GoFundMe page. The Act dictates that these types of funds are subject to a trust, and that the funds are to be used for the purpose communicated in the appeal. It also provides clarity as to the governing law and authority that applies to such a trust, and provides for broad rights to various stakeholders to apply to court to enforce the terms of the trust. Finally, the Act provides clarity around the duties and powers of trustees.
While the HBMFI will work as quickly as possible, this legal process merits careful attention and should not be rushed.


For a summary of the Informal Public Appeals Act, please click here.



When will the funds be distributed?

100% of the funds will be distributed to the 29 families as quickly, efficiently and fairly as possible. The HBMFI’s board of directors and advisory committee will first need to present recommendations to a Saskatchewan’s Court of Queen’s Bench judge, detailing the plan for fair and equitable distribution of the fund. Upon approval from the Queen’s Bench, a timeline will be created to facilitate the court-approved plan.

Where is the money right now?

Currently, the money remains in trust with GoFundMe, but is expected to be received by the HBMFI before July 31, 2018. Upon receipt, the money will be held in trust by MLT Aikins LLP while the HBMFI and its advisory committee determine how the funds will be distributed.

What percentage of the money raised will go to the 29 families involved in this tragedy?

The GoFundMe page raised a total of $15,174,900. After the deduction of GoFundMe’s fees, which are necessary to cover the cost of third-party (credit) card processors, and the safe and secure transfer of funds (2.9% plus 30 cents per donation), the net amount which HBMFI will distribute is $14,676,373,94. 100% of this amount will go to the the 29 families involved in this tragedy.

Who governs the HBMFI?

The HBMFI is overseen by a seven-member board of directors:
Darrin Duell – Director, Chair and Treasurer
Kevin Garinger – Director, Vice Chair
Randolph MacLean – Director, Secretary
Robert Eichorst – Director
Jay Fitzsimmons – Director
Dalyn Graf – Director
Kathleen Keen – Director
A special advisory committee will also be struck which will make recommendations to the board of directors regarding the distribution of funds. All officers, directors and committee members will serve without compensation and all services necessary for the operation of the HBMFI will be contributed free of charge.

What is the Humboldt Broncos’ Memorial Fund Inc (HBMFI)?

The Humboldt Broncos’ Memorial Fund Inc (HBMFI) is a Saskatchewan non-profit corporation created to oversee the consolidation and distribution of funds contributed through a GoFundMe page launched in response to the tragic events of April 6, 2018. 100% of the funds and interest in the HBMFI will go to the victims, or families of the victims of the 29 individuals involved in this tragedy.
The HBMFI’s mission is to quickly, efficiently, and fairly distribute the funds that have been contributed to assist the victims of the April 6 Humboldt broncos bus tragedy. Once the specific purposes for which the HBMFI was created have been accomplished and the fund has been audited, the HBMF will be dissolved.